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Jiangfeng take up the post of the first president of SATICMDI
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June 17, 2009, the inaugural meeting for the founding of “Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovations in China Medical Device Industry” (hereinafter referred to as Alliance) was held in beijing,.Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, the State Food Drug Administration, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the General Logistics Department of Health, Education, CDPF, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments represented at the inaugural meeting, more than 200 delegates from relevant members units of the Alliance attended the meeting.Liu Yanhua, vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology attended the inaugural meeting and delivered an important speech.

The Alliance was initiated and set up by units of industry, academia, research and application in the field of medical devices organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, to integrate the advantages innovation resources of the field of China’s medical device, gather technology, human resources, capital, information and other innovative elements to efficiently promote the innovation of key technologies, the core components and a major product in the field of medical devices.

Jiangfeng, president of China Association Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), take up the post of the first president of the Alliance.

CAMDI will take the lead of the Alliance, and in which the Alliance’s office place was located.

The first applied to join the Alliance was a total of more than 100 member units, including enterprises, research institutes, universities, medical institutions and other units, as well as CAMDI, the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Device, the Chinese community Health Association and other Association / Institute related to the field of medical equipment, and local base of industrial development advantages in Chongqing. The members of the Alliance held a grand signing ceremony.The first batch of the establishment of four sub-areas strategic alliance research in technological innovation (Sub-Alliance): emergency surgery, medical imaging, biochemical products, laser products.