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Pressure Transducer (closed blood sampling system)


Blood pressure transducer (Closed sampling type)

Non-vented IV set, length 150cm.

Sensor, transparent with integreated flush device and integreated air-bubble-free-filling system. 

Stopcock, high quality. 

Hemostix, for closed blood sampling.

Length customizable.


Closed needless arterial blood collection system was designed to offer increased protection to patients and healthcare workers.

Closed blood sampling system reduce the risk of nosocomial infection or line sepsis. 

One-hand operation of reservior syringe make the system easy to use. 

Color coded lines for easy identification available. 

Channel: single channel, double channel, triple channel

Cable: We can supply most of monitor brand cable

Detailed Specification

Needle free type

Closed sampling type

*Pediatric type available.

Connectors available

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